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Changing SAP Supplementation Language

How to change the SAP Supplementation Language

You might have noticed that, once you have set the supplementation language in SAP after the language Installation via SMLT, it is not possible to change this setting again. The dropbox is greyed out and no change is possible. You actually do get a message saying exactly this when you install and set the language.

Some time later, when you have fully understood the concept behind running a multi-lingual SAP system, and your System landscape has changed and grown, it might be that changing the supplementation language is required.

Here, the supplementation language had initially been set to DE, German.

SAP Supplementation Language = DE

SAP Supplementation Language = DE

In cases where no supplementation has been performed yet, it is possible to change the setting with a SQL statement directly executed against the database table T002C:

UPDATE t002c SET lakett = ‘E’ WHERE lakett = ‘D’.

A simple report will do:

ABAP Editor_ Change Report Z_CHANGE_SUPPL_LANG

ABAP Editor_ Change Report Z_CHANGE_SUPPL_LANG


As a result, the supplementation language for French was changed from DE (German) to EN (English):

Language Management Supplementation Language = EN

Language Management Supplementation Language = EN



Do not perform this change if a language supplementation for the specific language has been performed. It is not possible to undo a supplementation completely. So changing the language after a supplementation has been performed might produce undesired and unexpected results.

Please consult your SAP Support contact to get Details!

Please also consult SAP Note 1156507 for genereal information regarding SAP Language Supplementation.

See also our posting on language supplmentation in general: SAP Supplementation Language

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