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SAP Supplementation Language

Using a SAP Supplementation Language

A SAP supplementation language is a secondary language used to supplement a language in an SAP system that is not completely translated. If some elements are not (yet) translated, they are displayed in the defined supplementation language.

A supplementation language has to be defined during language import – it can be English, German, or Japanese.

English and German are the only two languages that are complete in every SAP system. In general, any other languages are not completely translated. This means that at least some of the texts do not exist in these other languages. Since missing texts can sometimes cause processes to crash, they need to be replaced in some way. The language supplementation function in the language transport tools enables you to do this.

The language supplementation function enables you to replace texts that do not exist in the target language with another language. This language is known as the supplementation language. Always use one of the two standard languages (English or German) as the supplementation language. After you have supplemented your language, the text is available in the supplementation language (such as English), but under the language key of the target language (such as French – FR).

SAP recommends English as the supplementation language due to potential code-page restrictions.

Transaction to be used: SMLT


Supplementation Language


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