New STH – SAP Translation Hub

Simple One-Click Translation with STH SAP Translation Hub About one year ago we mentioned SAP Translation Hub for the first time. In today’s posting we describe how to get automatic translations for your On-Premise SAP System via STH SAP Translation Hub – a new SAP Cloud Service for Translation. Situation You have created a new Read more about New STH – SAP Translation Hub[…]

Export translation settings (LXE_MASTER customizing)

Note 1523210 1523210 – Export translation settings (LXE_MASTER customizing) Symptom It is necessary to transfer the translation administration settings (done in transaction LXE_MASTER) to another system or to back them up for later use. Other Terms LXE_MASTER customizing, translation settings Reason and Prerequisites The LXE_MASTER settings are considered local so they are intended to be Read more about Export translation settings (LXE_MASTER customizing)[…]

Creating Session-Bound Top Texts (DEMS Objects)

Creating Session-Bound Top Texts Use Session-bound top texts are lists of source texts in your personal worklist that are sorted according to how frequently they occur in your worklist. They only include short texts. They enable you to examine the most frequently occurring short texts in your worklist, so you can decide whether they are Read more about Creating Session-Bound Top Texts (DEMS Objects)[…]

Client-Specific Object Types for Translation

Object Type ID Object Type Description Belongs to Object Group ACGR Roles A5 – User Interface Texts FEL1 to FEL4 Field Selection A5 – User Interface Texts FORM Forms B5 – SAPscript: Forms and Styles HLD HR Long Texts (Client-Specific) D5 – HR Texts HSD HR Short Texts (Client-Specific) D5 – HR Texts STYL Styles Read more about Client-Specific Object Types for Translation[…]

Translation Levels

SAP defines its translation levels as follows: User Interface This translation level includes all elements of the SAP System that are necessary to operate it in the user’s language (for example, screens, messages, menus, and interactive PDF forms). User Interface and Selected Help This translation level includes all elements of the User Interface level, plus Read more about Translation Levels[…]

Basic SAP Terminology

Make sure you are clear about your use of terms (SAP terminology) when speaking with ABAB developers in your role as the SAP Translation Coordinator!   Source language &¬†target language Translations are always from a source language to a target language. Original language The language in which the developers work (original language of an object). Read more about Basic SAP Terminology[…]