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SAP Note 508854 – SAPGUI: How to use Unicode

This note contains the document
SAPGUI for Windows – I18N User’s Guide
as an attachment.

Cause and Prerequisits

This guide is intended for the users of SAPGUI who logon to Unicode
systems and those who logon to non-Unicode systems whose code-page is
not limited to Latin-1.

It replaces the former contents of the notes below.

508854 – SAPGUI: How to use Unicode
451694 – SAPGUI: How to use RTL layout
316903 – SAPGUI: How to use I18N mode

For the better understanding we created the document in MHTML format,
which can have embedded pictures.


Please extract “I18N_Guide.mht” from “” and read it with
Microsoft Internet Explorer.
If you want to print the document, please take
“I18N_Guide_Printable.mht” in “”.
This document is based on Windows XP and SAPGUI 7.10, which is not the actual environment.

Here is the index of the document.
PART 1 – Basics

1.1.   Regional settings
1.2.   Language of SAP Logon
1.3.   SAPGUI code-page
1.4.   I18N mode
1.5.   Font character set
1.6.   Font setting
1.7.   F4 Help
1.8.   File dialog
1.9.   HTML encoding
1.10.  Graphics

PART 2 – GUI components

2.1.   Windows title
2.2.   Grid control
2.3.   Text Edit control
2.4.   Tree control
2.5.   Calendar control
2.6.   Toolbar of controls
2.7.   Graphical PC editor
2.8.   Print preview
2.9.   Option dialogs
2.10.  Development tools
2.11.  Message box
2.12.  Context menu of Microsoft#s edit control

PART 3 – Other restrictions

3.1.   Unicode-only characters
3.2.   Remote logon through RFC
3.3.   Missing features of SAPGUI 620

PART 4 – RTL layout

4.1.   Software requirements
4.2.   Layout change
4.3.   Settings of SAPGUI
4.4.   Restrictions

PART 5 – Miscellaneous

5.1.   Regional options of Windows 2000
5.2.   Third-party software
5.3.   Advanced settings
5.4.   Paste on Dynpro input fields
5.5.   Text marking of multiple fields


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