New STH – SAP Translation Hub

Simple One-Click Translation with STH SAP Translation Hub About one year ago we mentioned SAP Translation Hub for the first time. In today’s posting we describe how to get automatic translations for your On-Premise SAP System via STH SAP Translation Hub – a new SAP Cloud Service for Translation. Situation You have created a new Read more about New STH – SAP Translation Hub[…]

Important SAP Customizing Tables

  CABN/CABNT Characteristics/Characteristics Texts CAWN/CAWNT Characteristics Values/Characteristics Values Texts CECUSDT Configuration Editor: Design: Descr. CSKU Cost Types / Cost Element Texts (CSKB shows the mapping!) DD02L Table of All Tables! E070 / 1 Table listing all Transport Requests E071K Table containing logged transport request details KLAH/KLAT Classes Header/Classes: Long Texts KSML Characteristics of Classes LXE_LEXPT Read more about Important SAP Customizing Tables[…]

Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications

Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications Pseudo Localization is a concept in software development which has become increasingly visible over the past years. Not so in SAP / ABAP development. Here the question of “Is my code properly internationalized remains unanswered until a pretty late state in the project. Sometimes, the question is not even asked Read more about Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications[…]

Translating SAP Smart Forms

Translating SAP Smart Forms with SE63 In this posting we describe how to translate SAP Smart Forms with t-code SE63. Text blocks are translated the same way!). Selecting the object type in SE 63 In menu Translation click on ABAP Objects and then select Other Long Texts: Expand B5 SAPscript: Forms and Styles on the Read more about Translating SAP Smart Forms[…]

Performing SAP Translations OFFLINE

Performing SAP Translations OFFLINE SAP introduced some features for offline translation with SAP NetWeaver 7.3.This provides an alternative workflow to the Standard “ONLINE” process with transaction SE63. Whereas the use of the so called ONLINE workflow with SE63 clearly has advantages when performing an initial translation of e.g. custom developments, the OFFLINE process can be Read more about Performing SAP Translations OFFLINE[…]

Changing SAP Supplementation Language

How to change the SAP Supplementation Language You might have noticed that, once you have set the supplementation language in SAP after the language Installation via SMLT, it is not possible to change this setting again. The dropbox¬†is greyed out and no change is possible. You actually do get a message saying exactly this when Read more about Changing SAP Supplementation Language[…]