Export translation settings (LXE_MASTER customizing)

Note 1523210 1523210 – Export translation settings (LXE_MASTER customizing) Symptom It is necessary to transfer the translation administration settings (done in transaction LXE_MASTER) to another system or to back them up for later use. Other Terms LXE_MASTER customizing, translation settings Reason and Prerequisites The LXE_MASTER settings are considered local so they are intended to be Read more about Export translation settings (LXE_MASTER customizing)[…]

Translation Levels

SAP defines its translation levels as follows: User Interface This translation level includes all elements of the SAP System that are necessary to operate it in the user’s language (for example, screens, messages, menus, and interactive PDF forms). User Interface and Selected Help This translation level includes all elements of the User Interface level, plus Read more about Translation Levels[…]