Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications

Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications Pseudo Localization is a concept in software development which has become increasingly visible over the past years. Not so in SAP / ABAP development. Here the question of “Is my code properly internationalized remains unanswered until a pretty late state in the project. Sometimes, the question is not even asked Read more about Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications[…]

Creating Session-Bound Top Texts (DEMS Objects)

Creating Session-Bound Top Texts Use Session-bound top texts are lists of source texts in your personal worklist that are sorted according to how frequently they occur in your worklist. They only include short texts. They enable you to examine the most frequently occurring short texts in your worklist, so you can decide whether they are Read more about Creating Session-Bound Top Texts (DEMS Objects)[…]

Alternate Solutions – SNP Dragoman with e.g. Trados

Using SNP Dragoman as a SAP Translation Solution In order not to limit the options, we also had a look at SNPĀ Dragoman. The tool, once installed in your SAP system, can be used to setup and manage the whole SAP translation process. Opposed to the SAP Translation Workbench tools (SE63), Dragoman allows you to export Read more about Alternate Solutions – SNP Dragoman with e.g. Trados[…]

Basic SAP Terminology

Make sure you are clear about your use of terms (SAP terminology) when speaking with ABAB developers in your role as the SAP Translation Coordinator!   Source language &Ā target language Translations are always from a source language to a target language. Original language The language in which the developers work (original language of an object). Read more about Basic SAP Terminology[…]