SAP Note 508854 – SAPGUI: How to use Unicode

This note contains the document SAPGUI for Windows – I18N User’s Guide as an attachment. Cause and Prerequisits This guide is intended for the users of SAPGUI who logon to Unicode systems and those who logon to non-Unicode systems whose code-page is not limited to Latin-1. It replaces the former contents of the notes below. Read more about SAP Note 508854 – SAPGUI: How to use Unicode[…]

Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications

Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications Pseudo Localization is a concept in software development which has become increasingly visible over the past years. Not so in SAP / ABAP development. Here the question of “Is my code properly internationalized remains unanswered until a pretty late state in the project. Sometimes, the question is not even asked Read more about Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications[…]

SAP Notes on Globalization Issues

Note 1375438 – SAP Notes on Globalization (Collection) Symptom Information on Globalization Other terms Globalization, Internationalization, Unicode, Reason and Prerequisites This note collects important SAP notes related to Globalization. Please also have a look at SAP note 1431088, which lists FAQs on Globalization. If you have further questions, send a mail to Solution 1. Read more about SAP Notes on Globalization Issues[…]