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SAP Units of Measure

SAP Units of Measure

Today we had an issue with missing translations of Units of Measure.
Those are client dependent customizing (texts) and stored in table T006T.
This table is somewhat tricky!

Here is an SAP note dealing with the specifics of this table:

Note 595742 – Transporting units of measurement


Transaction CUNI enables you to include units of measurement specifically in transport requests. However, this function has two problems:

  • The units of a dimension can only ever be selected simultaneously.
  • Only the indicators of the current logon language are included in the transport request.

This makes it very difficult to include all units of measurement of a language in a transport request, and this is impossible if the language in question is not installed as a possible logon language.

Other terms


Reason and Prerequisites

A required function does not exist.


Note 451720 provided the RBZMEREFILL report which allows language-dependent indicators within a system to be transported. However, this report cannot create or delete any units of measurement, nor can it  overwrite already existing indicators. If these restrictions are not acceptable, the RBZMETRANS report is available as of Release SAP_BASIS 640 and can be used to include larger quantities of units of measurement in several languages in a  transport request. For lower releases, the ZRBZMETRANS report (which has the same functions) is available in the attached correction instructions. We urgently recommend that you run the RBZMECHK report after importing a Customizing transport containing the RBZMETRANS or ZRBZMETRANS report in the target system

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