System Access via RFC

There might be cases where you are using e.g. RAS to connect to your corp network, but for whatever reason you can not connect to the desired system with SAP Logon directly (you maybe get a system not reached error message). Other system work though. A workaround is to use TA SM59 to remote logon Read more about System Access via RFC[…]

Changing Translation-Relevance of Packages

Use Case – Changing Translation-Relevance of Packages Situation Let us assume that you as a project lead responsible for a set of ABAP packages have to ensure that text elements, such as UI texts, message texts, or F1 help texts, are translated into the correct set of languages. When checking the package properties, you may Read more about Changing Translation-Relevance of Packages[…]

Translating SAP Smart Forms

Translating SAP Smart Forms with SE63 In this posting we describe how to translate SAP Smart Forms with t-code SE63. Text blocks are translated the same way!). Selecting the object type in SE 63 In menu Translation click on ABAP Objects and then select Other Long Texts: Expand B5 SAPscript: Forms and Styles on the Read more about Translating SAP Smart Forms[…]

Translating SAP T-Code

Tip regarding Translation of SAP T-Code Here is a tip with regards to the translation of SAP T-codes. You might need this when you translate other documentation dealing with your SAP System, like test scenarios, trainings. Table TSTCT contains the names of transactions within your SAP. Use SE16 to view this table. The slides below Read more about Translating SAP T-Code[…]

Alternate Solutions – SNP Dragoman with e.g. Trados

Using SNP Dragoman as a SAP Translation Solution In order not to limit the options, we also had a look at SNP Dragoman. The tool, once installed in your SAP system, can be used to setup and manage the whole SAP translation process. Opposed to the SAP Translation Workbench tools (SE63), Dragoman allows you to export Read more about Alternate Solutions – SNP Dragoman with e.g. Trados[…]

SAP Supplementation Language

Using a SAP Supplementation Language A SAP supplementation language is a secondary language used to supplement a language in an SAP system that is not completely translated. If some elements are not (yet) translated, they are displayed in the defined supplementation language. A supplementation language has to be defined during language import – it can be Read more about SAP Supplementation Language[…]