SAPGUI for Windows – I18N User’s Guide

SAPGUI for Windows – I18N User’s Guide Introduction This guide is intended for the users of SAPGUI who logon to Unicode systems and those who logon to non-Unicode systems whose code-page is not limited to Latin-1. PART 1 – Basics This part describes the settings of Windows and SAPGUI for the internationalization. 1.1. Regional settings Read more about SAPGUI for Windows – I18N User’s Guide[…]

Translation of SAP FIORI

Translating SAP Fiori Tiles, Catalogs, and Groups in the Customizing Layer You want to translate the text of your custom tiles, catalogs, or group titles in the SAP Fiori launchpad. This is possible using the standard SAP translation tools. Context The translation follows the standard ABAP translation process. This is the same process as for Read more about Translation of SAP FIORI[…]

SAP Translation Hub

SAP is looking into ways to make text creation and localization easier. For SAP HANA Cloud, a BETA of the so-called SAP Translation Hub already exists. What this video to get a first impression of what Translation Hub does and how it works.   Another initiative is to make parts or all of Translation Hub Read more about SAP Translation Hub[…]

Creating Session-Bound Top Texts (DEMS Objects)

Creating Session-Bound Top Texts Use Session-bound top texts are lists of source texts in your personal worklist that are sorted according to how frequently they occur in your worklist. They only include short texts. They enable you to examine the most frequently occurring short texts in your worklist, so you can decide whether they are Read more about Creating Session-Bound Top Texts (DEMS Objects)[…]

SAP Roles for Translation

SAP delivers three roles for translation: SAP_TRANSLATOR Role for Translators This role allows the user to call the standard translation transactions such as SE63 , Translation Statistics (SLLS), Proposal Pool (SLPP), LXE_MASTER and other transactions that a translator might require for research in the system during translation. SAP_TRANSLCOORD Role for Translation Coordinator Assigning this role Read more about SAP Roles for Translation[…]

Installing SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.03 SP04 Trial – Ready for ABAP in Eclipse

What this archive contains This package consists of two archives. Please download both to your local harddisk and unpack together. It contains all you need to learn ABAP based development with SAP NetWeaver. The following components are included: SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP with MaxDB database MaxDB Clients: MaxDB Database Manager (recommended to install) and Read more about Installing SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.03 SP04 Trial – Ready for ABAP in Eclipse[…]

Translating SAP Smart Forms

Translating SAP Smart Forms with SE63 In this posting we describe how to translate SAP Smart Forms with t-code SE63. Text blocks are translated the same way!). Selecting the object type in SE 63 In menu Translation click on ABAP Objects and then select Other Long Texts: Expand B5 SAPscript: Forms and Styles on the Read more about Translating SAP Smart Forms[…]

Performing SAP Translations OFFLINE

Performing SAP Translations OFFLINE SAP introduced some features for offline translation with SAP NetWeaver 7.3.This provides an alternative workflow to the Standard “ONLINE” process with transaction SE63. Whereas the use of the so called ONLINE workflow with SE63 clearly has advantages when performing an initial translation of e.g. custom developments, the OFFLINE process can be Read more about Performing SAP Translations OFFLINE[…]