SAP Note 110910 – Deleting the language load

Symptom The language load must be deleted. Cause Language-dependent texts were imported, supplemented or deleted (for example, data element texts, screen texts, menu options and so on). However, the outdated or deleted texts are still displayed when you display the relevant screens, menus and so on. This occurs because only the texts were changed in Read more about SAP Note 110910 – Deleting the language load[…]

Important SAP Customizing Tables

  CABN/CABNT Characteristics/Characteristics Texts CAWN/CAWNT Characteristics Values/Characteristics Values Texts CECUSDT Configuration Editor: Design: Descr. CSKU Cost Types / Cost Element Texts (CSKB shows the mapping!) DD02L Table of All Tables! E070 / 1 Table listing all Transport Requests E071K Table containing logged transport request details KLAH/KLAT Classes Header/Classes: Long Texts KSML Characteristics of Classes LXE_LEXPT Read more about Important SAP Customizing Tables[…]

Client-Specific Object Types for Translation

Object Type ID Object Type Description Belongs to Object Group ACGR Roles A5 – User Interface Texts FEL1 to FEL4 Field Selection A5 – User Interface Texts FORM Forms B5 – SAPscript: Forms and Styles HLD HR Long Texts (Client-Specific) D5 – HR Texts HSD HR Short Texts (Client-Specific) D5 – HR Texts STYL Styles Read more about Client-Specific Object Types for Translation[…]

Translating SAP Smart Forms

Translating SAP Smart Forms with SE63 In this posting we describe how to translate SAP Smart Forms with t-code SE63. Text blocks are translated the same way!). Selecting the object type in SE 63 In menu Translation click on ABAP Objects and then select Other Long Texts: Expand B5 SAPscript: Forms and Styles on the Read more about Translating SAP Smart Forms[…]

Changing SAP Supplementation Language

How to change the SAP Supplementation Language You might have noticed that, once you have set the supplementation language in SAP after the language Installation via SMLT, it is not possible to change this setting again. The dropbox¬†is greyed out and no change is possible. You actually do get a message saying exactly this when Read more about Changing SAP Supplementation Language[…]

SAP Language Code List – 2-letter vs. internal 1char code

SAP Language Code List Looking for a list with SAP language codes? Here you go. SAP uses multiple codes to represent a language. In the SAP GUI you will usually see a two or four letter code like EN, DE or enUS, deDE for English / German. But internally, SAP uses 1char to store the Read more about SAP Language Code List – 2-letter vs. internal 1char code[…]

SAP Units of Measure

SAP Units of Measure Today we had an issue with missing translations of Units of Measure. Those are client dependent customizing (texts) and stored in table T006T. This table is somewhat tricky! Here is an SAP note dealing with the specifics of this table: Note 595742 – Transporting units of measurement Symptom Transaction CUNI enables Read more about SAP Units of Measure[…]