Make hard-coded text in SAP ABAP translatable

You want to translate hard-coded strings? Here is how you should proceed! I was tasked to replace hard-coded texts with text elements to output them in different languages. Now I have the following problem. Example: Hard-coded text WRITE ‘PO Number’. from this I tried to replace the hard-coded text ‘PO Number’ with a text element Read more about Make hard-coded text in SAP ABAP translatable[…]

SAP Note 508854 – SAPGUI: How to use Unicode

This note contains the document SAPGUI for Windows – I18N User’s Guide as an attachment. Cause and Prerequisits This guide is intended for the users of SAPGUI who logon to Unicode systems and those who logon to non-Unicode systems whose code-page is not limited to Latin-1. It replaces the former contents of the notes below. Read more about SAP Note 508854 – SAPGUI: How to use Unicode[…]

SAP SRM Workflows: Translation of Task and Work item description

Work item Description works fine in PFTC (Workflow Task) Work item Text Call SE63 Use SE63-Shortcut TLGS in command line (like RPT4 for ABAP text) Search for PDTS<workitem-ID> via F4-help Example: – Workitem ID = 91000123 – search for ‘PDTS91000123*’ (the * is important!) Double-click on one of the search results (most of the time Read more about SAP SRM Workflows: Translation of Task and Work item description[…]

SAP Note 110910 – Deleting the language load

Symptom The language load must be deleted. Cause Language-dependent texts were imported, supplemented or deleted (for example, data element texts, screen texts, menu options and so on). However, the outdated or deleted texts are still displayed when you display the relevant screens, menus and so on. This occurs because only the texts were changed in Read more about SAP Note 110910 – Deleting the language load[…]

PAK_TRANSLATION_DEPTH_TEXT | Translation relevance of packages in SAP

PAK_TRANSLATION_DEPTH_TEXT – Translation-Relevance This documentation is copyright by SAP AG. Internal SAP classification of the translation depth (number of target languages) of the texts in a development package Meaning The classification of translation-relevance determines the amount of translation required in follow-on translation systems for the repository objects in a development package. The translation-relevance of a Read more about PAK_TRANSLATION_DEPTH_TEXT | Translation relevance of packages in SAP[…]

Important SAP Customizing Tables

  CABN/CABNT Characteristics/Characteristics Texts CAWN/CAWNT Characteristics Values/Characteristics Values Texts CECUSDT Configuration Editor: Design: Descr. CSKU Cost Types / Cost Element Texts (CSKB shows the mapping!) DD02L Table of All Tables! E070 / 1 Table listing all Transport Requests E071K Table containing logged transport request details KLAH/KLAT Classes Header/Classes: Long Texts KSML Characteristics of Classes LXE_LEXPT Read more about Important SAP Customizing Tables[…]

System Access via RFC

There might be cases where you are using e.g. RAS to connect to your corp network, but for whatever reason you can not connect to the desired system with SAP Logon directly (you maybe get a system not reached error message). Other system work though. A workaround is to use TA SM59 to remote logon Read more about System Access via RFC[…]

Changing Translation-Relevance of Packages

Use Case – Changing Translation-Relevance of Packages Situation Let us assume that you as a project lead responsible for a set of ABAP packages have to ensure that text elements, such as UI texts, message texts, or F1 help texts, are translated into the correct set of languages. When checking the package properties, you may Read more about Changing Translation-Relevance of Packages[…]

Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications

Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications Pseudo Localization is a concept in software development which has become increasingly visible over the past years. Not so in SAP / ABAP development. Here the question of “Is my code properly internationalized remains unanswered until a pretty late state in the project. Sometimes, the question is not even asked Read more about Pseudo Localization of SAP Applications[…]